27 July, 2008

Kerse caught on the mainline

Kerse, originally uploaded by aysizzling.


mainline, originally uploaded by aysizzling.

P at Christie Pits

P, originally uploaded by aysizzling.

turd cookie...thanks emma

turd cookie...thanks emma, originally uploaded by aysizzling.

Lazy Sunday

I was out dumb late last night and couldn't sleep right away so despite my intentions of having a jampacked productive afternoon, it ended up being a true Lazy Sunday.

On my way to meet P, I dipped into Manic for my first coffee in weeks. It was Emma's last day and she linked up some magical brew that tasted like blueberries and a cookie in the shape of a turd. I felt loved.

Met P at Tacos El Asador for some Guacamole and Squash Pupusas. Sometimes, the pupusas are really bland and other times, they are a salty pancake of heaven. Today, they fell in the latter category.

The food was eaten in Christie Pits, where we watched the worst baseball game ever(i'm so going back next week) between the Boston(Brantford) Red Sox and the Toronto Maple Leafs.
No San P, so lime Perrier had to step in as a last minute replacement. Meh.

After a heavy grass sprawl and shittalking session, we headed to the mainline to take flicks. A couple gems hanging out there right now for sure.

After walking the lines, we went to pick up his little homie, Ella and hit up the dog park. I'm not a dog park guy but there's def some funny cliques that have their whole social circle and routines going on.

Finally, en route to the east end..I caught a flat so loud it sounded like a gunshot trying to catch airs on this goofy bank. Total instant karma for doing such dumb stuff on a bike with a janky wheelset.

Pics coming in the next 4 posts.

04 July, 2008


She holds stars in her hand, originally uploaded by aysizzling.

She really doesn't need the sparkler to make magic.

Trip the Light Fantastic

Fucking great, originally uploaded by aysizzling.

When I lived in Montreal, over the summer there would always be fireworks at La Ronde. Some of the displays were the best I have ever seen. Last night's Festival Of Fire at Ontario Place wasn't quite the same but fireworks are always good. This camera makes them look about 80 times better too.

01 July, 2008

Image. Frozen. Moment.

in my mind for always just like this.

30 June, 2008


I observed that's not the case
At any time and place
I ask the future for the answers to the questions that I face
I had a place called contentment but the rent was too high
Got evicted from that shit now I'm bent
Through the SKY i spy my patience like the enemy
It's like a nation that pretends to be down
Before you turn around
I yearn for sounds of bliss so crisp you can't ignore them
and the more men who listen
The smoother my mission flows
Addiction grows like seeds
As my need to achieve feeds me
I'll take a rest after the lead

sometimes you gotta get your rap nerd on and listen to songs that you really liked and remember why

26 May, 2008


Skyler son!, originally uploaded by Transparent Clothing..

I love this place. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Big up to forearm money Mozy and Zach.

13 February, 2008

the roof is on fiyah

old ass rooftop circa 1996-1997? I honestly can't remember but big up cear and tack. feels so weird to call them that but i'm not putting anyones government name on blast even if it's that old.

could this be my return to blogging? we'll see.

19 August, 2007

For my analog thugs and my digital thugs

Dear Common Sense

Please rap like this again.


Envisioning the hereafter, listenin to Steve Wonder
On a Quest for Love like the Proceed drummer
I strike like lightning and don't need thunder
Inhale imagination and breathe wonder
That's your lady, I used to run up in her and G weed from her
It's a cold world and niggaz need summer
At times my going forward seems like retreat
As I rewrite rhyme after rhyme and throw away beats
Growing into my britches, outgrowing the streets
There's a thin line between war and peace, whores and jeeps
Ignore MCs like beeps, scribblin freedom on pages
My third eye is like pink eye, seemin contagious
Redeemin the ancients with ageless rhyme jargon
I feel Mexican, hip hop is my garden
Don't give a fuck where you chartin, certain shit I can't honor
It ain't that you sellin, it's your karma
Rappers I monitor like a chaperone, you large and haven't grown
Poetically perform fly-bys, another rapper gone
The stage becomes a catacomb, I rap like a mummy
Not for the money, I could have sampled Diana Ross a long time ago
My mind of flow is like motor key 20
Youngblood said he had dimes, I prayed that he see twenty
Hollerin at the brothers, either you gon be a thug or a man
Flip drugs and get land, I can see my man Rashad
As he described how the bucks hit him
And said slugs was still stuck in him, when it rained, it fucked wit him
This bucket interrupt wisdom and asked when my album was comin
I said it's here..it's here...it's here

I like finding forever and all...but you are more clever than the good feeling positive stuff that everything you do sounds like now